Thanks to the generous donations we have received so far, we were able to march in the 2018 Capital Pride Parade with a professionally printed banner and stickers to pass out to those on the sidelines. Additional donations will help us to be able to continue providing asexuality resources to the DC, MD, VA area.

We are starting up a new fundraiser to help with upcoming projects including marching in the 2019 Capital Pride Parade in DC and Baltimore Pride Parade. We are raising money for a new banner to display our rebranded name TAAAP The Ace and Aro Advocacy Project. We also plan to show our pride for both asexuality and aromanticism with get new flags and stickers with our new name and website. Thank you to all who provided financial support in the past, and to those helping us in our continuing efforts to keep up appearances in future parades.

Donations can be in the form of cash, given to Laura G., Emily K., Isabel N., or Shira at any AMA meetup where we are in attendance OR via PayPal or Zelle, sent to

Paypal Donation Instructions:
  1. Log onto your PayPal account, or Sign Up for an Account
  2. Click “Pay or Send Money”
  3. Click “Send Money to Friends and Family”
  4. Type in “”
  5. Follow Paypal’s instruction