Asexuality on the Web

The Asexuality Visibility and Education Network (AVEN)

AVEN was founded as a resource and online community for asexual people in 2001. It offers both information on asexuality as well as extensive online forums. AVEN is also one of the most prominent asexual activism organizations.

Asexual Outreach

From the Asexual Outreach website:

“Asexual Outreach aspires to act as an umbrella organization for the national ace and aro advocacy movement by providing structure, sustainability, and resources that help projects and communities flourish.

We achieve this by working with local community groups across Canada and the United States to help them create change on a local level, by working with school boards and with LGBTQ+ organizations to help them build ace and aro inclusion into their programs and services, and by supporting advocacy efforts at a state and national level.”

Asexuality Archive

A website that is dedicated to sharing and preserving information about asexuality. An excellent resource for anyone looking to learn more about asexuality.

What is Asexuality?

A website that provides Asexuality 101 information and printable resources.

Next Step: Cake

A prominent WordPress blog about asexuality that has many Asexuality 201 resources/information (a.k.a. information that will likely be of interest to people with a solid understanding of asexuality and who want to delve further into issues that affect ace people).

The Asexual Agenda

Another prominent WordPress blog that often serves to organize the broader online asexuality community. The Asexual Agenda sends out a weekly linkspam with news relevant to asexuality. They also host the Carnival of Aces and have many other Ace 201 conversations.

The Asexual Census

This website publishes the results of the asexual community census. Results from the 2015 survey were just published, and the 2017 survey will be available until Nov. 15th.