The Ace and Aro Advocacy Project (TAAAP) is an organization dedicated to providing resources on asexuality and aromanticism to the public. TAAAP operates on a local level by working with other LGBTQ+ organizations in the DC Metro Area, as well as on the national level by working with other ace and aro advocates to further the national movement.

TAAAP’s goals are to increase the visibility of ace and aro identities, to provide resources on asexuality and aromanticism to professionals (e.g. doctors, mental health professionals, educators), and to support ace and aro members of society. Please visit our projects page to see what we are currently doing to further these goals.

TAAAP is closely partnered with Asexuals of the Mid-Atlantic, a social Meetup.com group for asexual-spectrum people in DC, Maryland, and Virginia.


Pride 2019 Recap

TAAAP was thrilled to participate in a number of different pride events this June. Attending pride events and representing asexuality and aromanticism helps us to spread awareness of our identities and connect with the larger LGBTQ+ community.

A History of Aces at Creating Change: An Interview with Bauer

Creating Change 2019 was the first time an official Ace and Aro Hospitality Suite was included as part of the conference program. This victory was built upon the presence ace activists have been forging at Creating Change for years, organizing and hosting suites that brought people together when the conference programming did not. Bauer of …