TAAAP at Pride 2019

We are thrilled to announce that The Ace and Aro Advocacy Project will be representing asexuality and aromanticism at Pride events throughout the DC and Mid-Atlantic region! Below are a list of events and dates. If you are in the area and would like to join us, just send us a message at advocacy@taaap.org. The more, the merrier!

  • Saturday, June 8: We will be marching in the Capital Pride Parade for the second year in a row, as the first ace and aro organization to march in DC Pride.
  • Saturday, June 15: We will be marching in the Baltimore Pride Parade for the first time.
  • Saturday, June 22: We will be attending Frederick Pride in Frederick, MD.
  • Saturday, June 22: We will be attending the first annual Upper Chesapeake Bay Pride in Havre de Grace, MD.
  • Monday, June 24-25: We will be hosting, moderating, and speaking on a panel at the Human Rights Conference as part of WorldPride NYC for the fiftieth anniversary of Stonewall. This panel will focus on the underrepresented and overlooked identities in the queer community, including ace, aro, bi+, genderqueer, and intersex speakers.
  • Saturday, June 29: We will be attending the Ace & Aro Conference 2019 for WorldPride.

We hope to see you there!

2018 Marks the First Year Asexuality is Officially Represented at Capital Pride

By Laura G.

TAAP’s 2018 Capital Pride Parade Contingent before the parade started.

On June 9th, 2018, fifteen asexual people marched in the 2018 Capital Pride parade with The Asexual Awareness Project. This effort was made possible by donations from members of Asexuals of the Mid-Atlantic that covered the costs of the entry fee, a professionally printed banner (seen in the picture above), and stickers to pass out to viewers on the sidelines.

TAAP’s contingent marching in the 2018 Capital Pride Parade

The TAAP members who marched were thrilled at the response they received. “This was so awesome, especially seeing all of the people excited by our presence!” said Isabel N. “There were some people who were happy asexuals had representation, and others who were ecstatic seeing themselves represented.”

Many people on the sidelines also saw and appreciated TAAP’s presence. One person tweeted:

DC Pride Tweet
Tweet by @rockriled that reads: “I got an #asexualpride sticker with info about a group at DC’s #PRIDE and mcfreakin lost it, send help”

In 2016 and 2017, the Asexuals of the Mid-Atlantic viewed the parade from the sidelines, and in 2017 a portion of the group also attended the Capital Pride Festival together. While there were some asexual people to be found among the crowds in these years, there were very few representations of asexuality in the parade and festival booths themselves.

Isabel at Pride 2016.jpeg
Isabel N. holding the ace flag and rainbow flag on the sidelines of the 2016 Capital Pride Parade.
Pride 2017.jpeg
Members of Asexuals of the Mid-Atlantic at the sidelines of the 2017 Capital Pride Parade.

In addition to TAAP marching in the parade, there was a noticeable increase in asexual representation at Capital Pride 2018 in general. The word “asexual” was included in the graphic used to advertise the theme for the year, which was “Elements of Us.” Many more booths at the festival had ace flags this year than in 2017.

elements of us
A graphic for Capital Pride 2018’s theme of “Elements of Us” that includes the word asexual, which can be found underneath the word “gay.”
An ace flag found on the Kaiser Permanente contingent’s parade float.

TAAP plans on marching again at the 2019 Capital Pride Parade, and hopes to see even more asexual representation at future pride celebrations. If you would like to donate to help us make this happen, please visit our donate page for instructions.